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Leeuwarden-Fryslân 2018: Strangers on Stage 

International theater program in Leeuwarden, European capital of culture 2018 

2018 won’t get more versatile than Strangers on Stage. Stadsschouwburg De Harmonie brings top theatre from all over the world to Leeuwarden this year. The productions are sharp and confronting, magical and inspiring, grand, bombastic, small and intimate. Strangers on Stage is a collaboration between Stadsschouwburg De Harmonie, Leeuwarden-Fryslân 2018 and the Nederlands Theater Festival.
It must be clear that de Harmonie is very proud of this special program. Strangers on Stage embodies international quality for young and old, for Frisians, Dutch people and Europeans. This is Cultural Capital at its best. This is Destination Harmonie.
Friese Dans Dagen Several workshops and masterclasses | Presentation at the main stage in the lounge | Dance market | Dance café: interviews and meet & greet with makers | The 4x8 festival dance
Thursday 4 October
Bloedbanden /in collaboration with Nederlandse Dansdagen | € 15,-
Jens van Daele – NachtHexen I: Jeanne | € 17,50

Friday 5 October
Nederlands Dans Theater – Saisonnier | € 32,50 
LES BALLETS C de la B – Monkey Mind | € 22,50 
Jens van Daele – NachtHexen II: La Parisienne, pre-premiere | € 17,50   

Sat 6 October 
Huang Yi Studio & Nederlands Kamerkoor – Under the horizon | € 27,50 
Sprookje zonder Beperking | € 10,- 
LES BALLETS C de la B – Monkey Mind | € 22,50   

Sun 8 October 
The Ruggeds – Adrenaline | € 20,- 
Monsters - Duda Paiva Company | €12,50

Ockham’s Razor Circus | Tipping PointOckham's Razor return with their new show Tipping Point, winner of the Total Theatre & Jacksons Lane Circus Award at Edinburgh Festival 2016. Tipping Point is set in the round with the audience drawn in close to the action. The five performers are enclosed within the circle of the stage, transforming simple metal poles into a rich landscape of images. Together they face a series of challenges as poles are balanced on fingertips, hung from the roof, swung, lashed, climbed up and clung to, the action veering from catastrophe to mastery.

Tipping Point features a multi-layered surround sound musical landscape especially composed by Adem Ilhan & Quinta who have previously worked with Philip Selway of Radiohead, Hot Chip and Bat For Lashes.

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Diva, queen, sex bomb, mother, businesswoman, wife, feminist - #FLAWLESS. No, Beyoncé won’t show her booty in Leeuwarden tonight. We do offer you a course on how to become Queen B yourself. Let Us Upgrade U: DON’T WORRY BE YONCÉ (XS) is a step-by-step course to become Queen B, suitable for both beginners and advanced guests. Liberté, egalité, Be Yoncé!
(4 stars)
“A contagious lecture performance […] that knows how to dig deep into women’s imigary, sexism and the almost religious status celebrities are given.” – Volkskrant
When we cried confetti | MAN || CO
In between a tangle of garlands, under a sky of disco balls and right in the middle of a pile confetti, life just has to be festive.
They want to be asked to dance. They want to slow dance at an appropriate distance. They want to seduce and to be witnessed. The first blown out candles, the confessions of love, the last dance.
  When we cried confetti is a rollercoaster from party to party. A celebration of the life in which the fear to be forgotten threatens to predominate. 

De Gendermonologen | MACABRE
To find beauty in that which cannot be seen. To show the dark side of conventional beauty. De Gendermonologen by Macabre navigates the world between man and woman. A transformance about gender as a flexible concept. How masculine or feminine are you, anyway?

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You've Changed | Kate O'Donnell
I’s time to face the music…and dance. It’s fifteen years since Kate transitioned and a lot has changed. But, where gender is concerned, are we still stuck in the dark ages? With no rulebook, Kate has written own. Following a critically acclaimed 2017 tour You’ve Changed is back on the road with a unique blend of song, dance, hard won wit and wisdom, shining a light on transitioning back in 2003, the trans dark ages. 

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